What is Enjore?

  • an online software designed to manage tournaments and championships;
  • a showcase for your tournaments;
  • a social network designed to share opinions, photos and emotions regarding your tournaments/championships.

Why should I use Enjore?

  • organizers find it easier to invite players to participate in a tournament;
  • to avoid mistakes when filling in schedules and standings;
  • players find it easier to find tournaments in the area where they live;
  • because it's fun to vote and comment on your teammates and your opponents' performance;
  • because it is the first real social network designed to manage tournaments and championships.

Does it cost money to use Enjore?

Enjore is completely FREE and always will be.

How do I sign up for Enjore?

You can sign up by filling in the registration form or, if you already have a Facebook account, sign up through it with just two clicks from here.

What kinds of tournaments can I manage on Enjore?

You can manage every kind of tournament/championship:

  • single round-robin tournaments/championships;
  • double round-robin tournaments/championships;
  • knockout tournaments/championships with up to 256 teams (you can set up the number of multiple rounds for each match day);
  • multiple rounds tournaments with a knockout final stage.

Is there a limit to the number of tournaments or teams?

Enjore sets no limits to the number of tournaments, rounds, teams and players.

How long do the tournaments/championships which have already been played remain in the system?


Which competitions are now supported?

The supported competitions are:

Every competition includes specific rules and statistics.
New kinds of competitions will be soon available.

Can I correct the data I entered if I realize I made a mistake?

Yes, you can correct mistakes. All the standings will automatically update. Enjore allows you to manage matches in real time.

Do I have to be registered to view the matches results?

No. Both the matches results and standings are public. However, you must be registered to cast a vote, leave a comment or view photos.