FCC Rusty Guys Cup Season #12
FIFA 2017 - Male


Any Team is required to comply with the Fair Play rules in all respects.This includes actions such as blocking GK or otherunlawful actions as insults or discrimination.The ITFA or any belonging organisation will not tolerate any violation of this kind. We request any Team who suffers such thing to record it and bring it forward for evaluation. Obviously we will not punish any accusations or interpretation of 3rd parties without proof

1 - All Teams must like the main Fifa Club Champs (FCC) Page in order to receive all necessary infos for the upcoming fixtures https://www.facebook.com/FifaClubChamps/

2 - Depending on the organisation the ITFA & Affiliates (FCC) retains the right to exclude from the tournament by choice.This means that if the FCC & Affiliates (ITFA) does not consider the team to run organised, or to correspond with the disciplineand compliance required in an international tournament, this team may be excluded from any competition at any time.

3 - Game Organization:

a) Teams can only organise games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 21-23 (9pm-11pm) ITFA Clock Time.

b) Both Teams MUST offer 2 Days and a 1,5 hour game choice to the opponent (example: Team A offers Team B Tuesday& Thursday between 21-22.30 (9pm-10:30pm) as game time options)

c) If both teams did not find a date to play the game will be considered as a draw. In case this concerns games for directaccess to the next round both teams will be disqualified

d) Every Team has 1 quitting “joker” within the first 10 minutes (no matter what the result is). After the game is quitted the game must be restarted with the result of the quitted match. A Team cannot quit 2 times at any circumstance (no matter the reason). If this happens anyways due to ALL of the team being kicked out by the server the opponents will be rewarded with awin for this match.

e) for certain cases please include an admin in the conversation with your opponent

f) A Team cannot add any player in case of the overtime game. The Overtime Game (Golden Goal) must be played with thesame roster as the game played in the 90 mins.

g) If both team captains agree the game can be played in advance to a date and time of choice (only within the same game week), however, any Date agreed before is not subject of investigation by admins and if any of the 2 teams do not honour the agreement, set outside ofthe ITFA frame, then an Admin will not interfere.

h) A Red Card will have a suspension as a consequence for 1 game. Overtime counts as the next match.

i) ALL GAMES must be played as per pre set calendar any results of non relevant games of that game week will be disregardedj) Communication in the chat is expected as well as posting of links for streaming. It is not acceptable that a team is not reachable up to 3 hours before the game start.


4 - Every Team must post the screenshots of their goal scorer, assist and cards on the group/website after the game. Alternatively it can be posted on the FCC fanpage or on the FB page of the team.

4a- All Games of the KO Round must be streamed (exceptions will be granted by admins but only beforehand)

PADARENA         www.padarena.com

5 - If A team plays a game with a player which is not listed in the roster def win for the opponent will be given(PADARENA serves as proof and will be mandatory starting on January 1st 2017).

5a - All Teams must set up the Team Squad in PADARENA for the Cup Competition (Rusty Guys Cup) (see PADARENA FAQ “How do I set a player in my club as a permanent member?”. The Modifications of the squad will be open until the first day of the competition and will be closed for modification by the Competition Admins.

5b - All Players must have their player info filled out with the following information:- Main Position- Country of Origin- Jersey Nr

5c - not complying with the PADARENA Rules will result in a warning and def Lost.

6 - 2 Warnings will result in disqualification of the Team


7 - All Fixtures are pre determined and can only be played in advance (in the same game week). Fixtures cannot be postponed for any reason. Game week starts and ends Sunday of the mentioned date of the game.


8 - All Results must be communicated by Friday of the game week 23.59 ITC (ITFA Time Clock). If this has not happened both teams will be disqualified from the competition.

9 - Winner is responsible for the reporting of the match.

10 - Every Team must have a Team Manager and Assistant for communication in the group chat.

10a - Ultimately the League Manager is responsible for the team if none of the team managers are communicative

10b- The League managers must be available during the games of the teams of their league

11 - Fixture Dates can only be agreed between Team Managers. the responsibility for the Team lies only on them.

12 - For any issues arising while organising the Game the Admins must be contacted before the game week ends. A retroactive complaint will not be followed.

12a - For all games the procedure must be to play the game first and then open a complaint after.

13 - For any specific situation which will come up and is not listed in the Rules, The according admin team is entitled to take an ad hoc decision or determine the punishment in case it is not specified.

14 - Hometeam determines the Jearsey Color. This must be agreed upon before.

15 - Every participant Team Member must like the Facebook Fan Page for informational Purposes.https://www.facebook.com/FifaClubCh…

16 - For every Time and Date agreed beforehand every Team has a tolerance of 15 mins. If the tolerance is exited and prove is provided the game will assigned to the team which is present16a - 15 Mins tolerance can only be taken for issues not for accommodation reasons.16.1 - A game can only be cancelled 24 hours before.

17 - Club Cup Qualifier by Conference:

a) All representatives of the regional leagues must be determined as per League regulations(Responsive League Managers decide)

b) The League Managers will send the respective teams to the competitions according to their own Rules

c) The International Admins will request a certain number of participants for the respective competitions (depending on the FCC Ranking)

d) The number of participant might vary to the current International Cup Regulations determined by the Admins

e) The Rusty Guys trophy winner qualifies directly for the FCC Championship final playoffs, without having to qualify through regional playoffs

f) For the International Playoffs the pairing of the fixtures might change from depending on the current sizes of the Leagues

g) Rusty Guys cup winner and Participating Winning Federation team automatically qualify for the Final 4. All other Federation must qualify for the Final 4

h) Rusty Guys Cup Group Stage: top 2 of each group qualify for the next round. KO will be played home and away

18 - Minimum age for team managers 18 (unless regulated otherwise in the FCC Federation)

19 - For official International Cup tournaments there is no restrictions for a minimum number of teams or the exclusion of ANY Play or any other kind.