Britannia League Season#7
FIFA 2016 - Coed

1- Teams have until the set deadline before the season starts to confirm and submit their squad list. There will be a mid season transfer window to aid with keeping squads as strong as possible. Any team who plays an unregistered player will receive a default loss and/or expulsion from the FCC.

2- Insults, discrimination or any other kind of non acceptable behaviour will have a suspension as a consequence.

3- Every team must play with a minimum of 5 players. So use your transfer windows and pre-season to ensure you have enough players registered. The minimun amount of registered players is 8.

4- 5 at the back is NOT allowed and will result in a default loss.

5- Game weeks start from Monday at 00:00 and end Sunday at 23:59, teams have between these set time frames to play their games for that week. If games are not played then a 0-0 result will be submitted by admins. Any issues with setting up games please consult an admin. All deadlines are in the UK timezone.

6- Any kind of cheating must be proven by the accusing player by recording the last 15 mins of the game play and clearly showing the cheating of the other team. If this is confirmed the admins will take the according actions, in the worst case this can result into an exclusion of the competition.

7- Anyone sent off whether it's 2 yellows or an instant red in any game will recieve a 1 game ban as a consequence.

8- Screenshots must be taken of results and individual player stats after every game. Also, admins will often do routine checks on posted stats and if screenshots are not provided all stats for that game will be removed.

9- The home team are to decide kit colour.

10- If a match has been scheduled, teams have until 4 hours before the scheduled kick off time to change the time/day set. This can not be done after a Friday 23:59, if games are arranged after this time, they must be stuck to.

11- Teams have up to the 10 minute mark to back out of the game, due to players lagging or players disconnecting, unless a goal has been scored, any lag or disconnections after this and the game must go on.

12- Teams are allowed up to 10 minutes maximum after the scheduled kick off time to start the game, if a team takes longer than the allocated 10 minutes then they will forfeit the game

For any specific situation which will come up and is not listed in the Rules, The according admin team is entitled to take an ad hoc decision.

All rules may be subject to change to benefit the league should any issues arise from them. Any changes to the rules will be decided by all admins. Admin team will include neutral parties so that the fairness and bias of the decision is partial to all teams.