Britannia League Season#6
FIFA 2015 - Coed

1. This is the Brittania League therefore only UK teams will play in this league.

2. All team must have a manager and an assistant manager. Both of which need to be 18+ years of age and active in the managers chat.

3. Before the season starts, all players that are in your squad that are going to be playing in the FCC must be registered by the designated deadline (still to be set). If a team wishes to add or remove players they may do so ONLY during a transfer window (still to be set)

4. If a team plays a game with an unregistered player then this team will forfeit and recieve a warning. The squad list on will determine whether or not the player is signed.

5. Insults, discrimination or any other kind of non acceptable behaviour will have a suspension as a consequence.

6 .Every team must play with a minimum of 4 players. So use your transfer windows and pre-season to ensure you have enough players registered.

7. All Fixtures are pre determined. Fixtures cannot be postponed for any reason. Game week starts and ends Sunday.

8. Games can only be played as scheduled, no rushing games.

9. All Results must be entered by Sunday 23.59. If this has not happened the result will be 0-0 regardless if the game was played or not.

9.1 In case of a default result the admins will enter this result after the deadline.

10. Winner is responsible for entering the results.

10.1 Upon completion of a game then 4 screenshots are required, the result, the scorers, the assists and the bookings. These will be sent to any of the admin team via a private message.

11. Fixture Dates can only be agreed between Team Managers. the responsibility for the Team lies only on them.

12. For any issues arising while organising the Game the Admins must be contacted before the game week ends.

13. For any specific situation which will come up and is not listed in the Rules, The according admin team is entitled to take an ad hoc decision.

14. Home team will decide the kit colour and must be done before kick off.

15. Any kind of cheating must be proven by the accusing player by recording the last 15 mins of the game play and clearly showing the cheating of the other team. If this is confirmed the admins will take the according actions, in the worst case this can result into an exclusion of the competition.

16. Using 'Any' is not allowed.

17. A minimum of 4 players to play a match.

18. Anyone sent off whether it's 2 yellows or an instant red in any game will recieve a 1 game ban as a consequence.

19. If a match has been agreed on by both teams then that agreement MUST be stuck to. If a team wishes to change the date they must give no less then 12 hours notice. If a team does not have their "full desired" team then they must complete the match with what whatever players they have registered providing there is still the minimum of 4 players online.

19.1 If all avenues above have been followed and the match is still unable to be played then the team not willing to play forfeits the game to other team.

20. Each team has a leniance of 20 minutes from the arranged kick off time, in case of EA connection issues proof is required and the game can be re-arranged, but only if that team has less than 4 players.

All rules may be subject to change to benefit the league should any issues arise from them. Any changes to the rules will be decided by all admins. Admin team will include neutral parties so that the fairness and bias of the decision is partial to all teams.

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