FCC Pro Club LeaguePro Club Season #6
FIFA 2015

DACH Conference LIGA 1 Season #6

1. every game must be streamed (Link must be posted in the group) (disabled for now)
2. Red Card means 1 game disqualification (disabled for now)
3. 3 Yellow Cards will also lead to 1 game suspension (disabled for now)
4. Every Team must post the screenshots of their goal scorer, assist and cards on the group/website after the game.  Alternatively it can be posted on the fanpage of the club itself.https://www.facebook.com/groups/fccproclubleague/
5. A game can be played with the minimum of 2 players. However, if a one of the 2 players looses connection and the game is therefore stopped the game will be counted as a 0-3 for the opponent team.
6. Every Team must be listed in the “Enjore Tool” with the following details:- Name List of all players participating (PSN)- Team Logo (if not in hands our Webmasters can help out)
6.1. If A team plays a game with a player which is not listed on the website or played with a different name than listed on the website the team will have this game set as lost and will receive a warning.
6.2 2 Multiple warnings lead to a suspension of the team
7. Insults, discrimination or any other kind of non acceptable behaviour will have a suspension as a consequence.8. The Team Manager of a Team must be at least 18
9. Each Team can add as many players as they want or modify their team roster during the season, however, the screenshots on the webpage: fifaclubchamps.com determine if a player was registered before the sign up timeline.
9.1 A second update will be done during the season for all newly added players, this will be communicated by the Admins of the league with the exact date.
10.If a Team wants to draft a player of a team which is listed in this competition the Team manager must be informed of the negotiations. During the season no players of other teams can be drafted. If this happens the Team will receive a warning. Multiple Warnings can lead to disqualification.
11. All Fixtures are pre determined and can only be played in advance. Fixtures cannot be postponed for any reason. Game week starts and ends Sunday for the Fixtures.
11.1 All fixtures must be played home and away during the same game week.
11.2 the number of fixtures is determined by the schedule in advance.
12. All Results must be entered by Sunday 23.59. If this has not happened the result will be 0-0 regardless if the game was played or not.13. Winner is responsible for entering the results.
14. Every Team must have a Team Manager and Assistant for communication in the group chat.
15. Fixture Dates can only be agreed between Team Managers. the responsibility for the Team lies only on them.
16. For any issues arising while organising the Game the Admins must be contacted before the game week ends. A retroactive complaint will not be followed.
17. For any specific situation which will come up and is not listed in the Rules, The according admin team is entitled to take an ad hoc decision.
18. Hometeam determines the Jearsey Color. This must be agreed upon before.
19. Every participant Team Member must like the Facebook Fan Page for informational Purposes and must be entered in the League Group as long as this person is a Facebook user.
20. A Game time must be agreed beforehand. Every Team has a tolerance of 15 mins. If the tolerance is exited and prove is provided the game will assigned to the team which is present
21.1 A game can only be cancelled 24 hours before.
22. any kind of cheating must be proven by the accusing player by recording the last 15 mins of the game play and clearly showing the cheating of the other team. If this is confirmed the admins will take the according actions, in the worst case this can result into an exclusion of the competition.

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/FifaClubChampsFacebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fccproclubleague/